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  • - Center for Dyrs Forsvar, Website & visual identity

My role:

  • - Identity design
  • - Digital design
  • - UX design


  • - 2019


Center for animal defence, in danish Center for dyrs forsvar, is a newly established NGO. Their goal is to secure legal rights for animals around the globe. They seek to create a platform for knowledge exchange and sparring between experts in the field of animal law.

In January of 2019, Sidse and Sascha started Center For Animal Defence. The NGO needed to be established, and therefore a visual identity and platform that could work at scale, were needed for a succesful establishment of their brand. 

The solution is a visual identity focusing around their new mark and a clear color palette with geometric visual elements. The logo is designed to withstand the test of time, and work in various campaigns in order to communicate their message.

The platform is designed as a starting point in order to be ready for scale if needed. Also the platform is designed to accommodate their visual identity and communicate their message.

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