Simpel (School project)


New visual identity & website

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Design & UX

Simpel is a fictive brand that sell designer posters online. The posters are inspired by minimalism and geometric shapes. The brand was made in a school assignment in order to schowcase an online webshop and brand identity.


We were set to make an online webshop, choosing the right CMS for the purpose and establish a brand that could communicate to the right audience and target group. Therefore a business model needed to be established in order to create a strategy for the brand it self. Also the webshop should have a clear value proposition and build with CRO in mind and an easy to use backend.


The solutions is a webshop build on WordPress with WooCommerce. The platform is made for easy to use access, and is optimzed for the specefic purpose. The design is created to walk the user through a universe in which they can get inspired in buying posters, and also making the platform easy to use. The brand design is focused around a simple understanding and making imagery make the website and brand speek for it self.

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